The company

Purchasing and Logistics

The need

The current market is dynamic, changeable and global. If everyday there are more competitors to sell or provide the same kind of service worldwide, better medias and ways to share information, and experience in similar projects, why are there terrible mistakes that represent extra costs and a decrement in the P&L statements of many companies? Usually this occurs when there is a lack of experience and knowledge in the value chain of a process, in particular the integration of Procurement and Logistics, and the impacts that some actions influence to others. Currently, there are a certain amount of companies that are specialized in some parts of the value chain, but since they are not well linked and coordinated each other, they generate weaknesses which become in non-foreseen impacts for a project. When that happens, if there is not a contingency or back up plan, it will always generate an extra cost in the project.

About us

We arise as a need of the market to find out an unique, innovative and integrative solution to the recurrent problem of many projects and companies related to the construction of infrastructures, power plants & energy projects, petrochemical and environmental sectors, mainly in the cases of companies just landed in new countries or new territories.

The lack of knowledge, local practices and experience generates unexpected situations that consume a great amount of resources and time, which traduces in unnecessary losses and delays.

We assure a good planning and analysis of the Procurements and Logistics of any company brings innumerable benefits, which redound to the economics and time of a project.

What do we offer?

Along our years of experience we have identified similar patterns on the most usual troubles related to the project Logistics and Procurements, and they are usual related to inexperience and an inadequate management. Those symptoms fall into a waste of time and money, a rise of risks, and a significant number of resources that have to fix troubles. We make our customers concerns their own. Hand in hand with the customers, we analyze the situation and walk the customer through the options. Instead of focusing solely on the industry current hot topics, we take a long-term approach, identifying trends and anticipating future requirements. Our experience in projects has been tested in the US, Mexico and Spain, and some other American territories.

Our team

We provide over 15 years of experience leading cost reduction in the Procurement, Purchasing and Logistics of EPC projects successfully. With a marked customer service vocation, aim of looking for effective solutions and cost saving, we are your allies in your day-to-day operative.

Hiring us

We hold a meeting to understand the client’s needs; we provide alternatives based on our analysis of their operations; we anticipate advantages and potential savings. Afterwards, we develop a plan that share with our client, describing goals, timing, roles and actions. Once the plan has been approved, we run the project and follow it up with weekly meetings, matrixes, reporting, and other tools to be adapted to our client’s needs.