We provide Consulting Services, Management and Outsourcing Solutions for National and International Procurement, Purchasing and Logistics

For every kind of industry, in particular for companies involved in the value chain of EPC and O&M Projects in the Energy, Environment, Infrastructures and Construction sectors

Are you losing track of your products, or are you having delay in your shipments? Are you missing businesses because your delivery service is not meeting customer expectations?
Do you feel you do not have the enough control of the costs and the time of shipments? Do you feel that there are a lot of people involved and nobody solve and minimize time and cost?
If so, we can help you to get out of a crisis, or to plan ahead. Often it is a question of just not having the time, the right resources, or the specific experience to get traction on a really important business initiative. That is where we can help your company on all three counts.

We fully analyze the whole operational chain identifying opportunities for savings in all the phases, from the proposal stage until the final delivery and sign up of the contract.

We study all the aspects related to the project, such as schedule, routes, importing & exporting regulations, International Trade Agreements, in order to optimize logistic costs (price, duties, fees, custom costs, etc.)

Our raison d’être is to help clients to uncover new opportunities, minimize risks, and maximize their business value.

servicios de Consultoría, Diseño, Gestión y Desarrollo en Procura, Compras y Logística tanto Nacional como Internacional

All-in Consulting Services for Purchasing:

We improve our clients’ suppliers portfolio, National and International

We help other small / medium size companies to strengthen the negotiation with their suppliers

We optimize the project budgets to save unnecessary procurement and logistics costs

We handle all the phases, from the bidding process, negotiation, purchase order (PO) / contract, kick off meeting, to the contract closure

All-in Consulting Services for Logistics

We manage and advise in transportations, including the negotiation with forwarders, custom brokers and domestic or international shipments

We provide logistic reports and assessments for better and correct selection of procurement terms, identifying and handling associated risks

We look for the best route to minimize cost and avoid risks during transit and handling

We coordinate the logistic along the project life with the designated custom broker to reduce delivery times

And to get all the previous mentioned, we manage our clients’ contracts, so:

We minimize all the related risks to avoid economical losses

We follow-up and monitor contracts in a manner what we avoid non-compliances or anti-economic repercussions

We manage our client’s contract closures to avoid unnecesary extra-costs

With our services, our clients get a professional treatment, with good quality, reliable, with total guarantee and 100% effective, so that we save them time, money and huge headaches

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