Purchasing and Logistics
Consultoría en Compras

Procurement Consulting

Procurement is the process linked between the engineering & design and the construction phases of a project. This often involves, national/domestic and also international purchasing and expediting, as well as the coordination of any required source of inspection. We integrate all the value chain in Procurements for EPC construction projects. Our services begin from the conceptual or bidding phase, throughout the whole process; from the kick of meeting, passing through supplies activation and expediting until the delivery at their final destination. In addition, we offer support to our clients in the contract closeout. In particular, we offer the following services whether in general whether customized for our clients:

Search of the best national and international providers and suppliers to empower the preferred vendor list

Bid tabulations and evaluations

Negotiation with suppliers, even participation in follow-up and kick-off meetings

Selection and improvement of commercial terms & conditions for national and international purchases, even imports/exports

Customer strategy, including marketing and pricing

Negotiation of suppliers’ contracts

Budget and Capex optimization and monitoring

Procurement BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Consultoría en Logística

Logistics Consulting

Logistics is the associated process to Procurement that conglomerates all the operations & travel functions that might be related with the purchasing and delivery of equipment and bulk materials that would be needed in a project. We integrate all the logistic management for a successful result in every supply and construction project, independently from its complications, no matter whether it is a special transportation such as heavy-duty machineries. In pur&log we have subscribed agreements with well-reputed transportation companies as well as custom brokers, that allows us to provide valuable services:

Optimization of direct and indirect third party costs

Logistics and custom analysis from the origination, passing along the bidding process until the PO

Permits, regulations and requirements analysis for imports/exports

Routing analysis and conclusions (pricing and risks, such as arrival ports, requirements, permits, etc.)

Cost structure improvements through applying custom duties, international trade agreements and taxes preferential programs

Analysis and recommendations for import/export permits and regulations

Implementation of shipping instructions for projects

Supplier activation and expediting

Tracking of shipments

Coordination throughout the whole process door to door, including forwarders and custom brokers

Gestión Contractual

Contract Management

Any company that offers procurement and logistic services must have good relationships with equipment suppliers and freight companies to ensure that equipment and materials will be delivered safely, on time and in good conditions. In addition, risk management at this stage of a project is a hot topic to deal with, so anyone working on the logistics of a project must have a good contingency plan ready to amend the issues that eventually could happen. Managing the logistic services rounds out the procurement activities. The adequate and optimum management of Procurement, Logistics and Delivery constitutes significant savings for our clients, which is the main goal of our Company. We help our customer to know about all the implications that their contracts have for them, as well as we support them to identify, manage and mitigate associated risks. We serve as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit for all the contracts our customers want to confer us. And therefore, to get that done we provide the following services:

Risk assessment and recommendations

Elaboration of contracts in collaboration with legal departments

Follow-up and monitoring of contractual issues with suppliers

Implantación y Optimización de Procedimientos

Implementation and Optimization of Processes and Procedures inside the Procurement & Logistics value chain

Usually in many the companies there are procedures related to different processes that are not up-to-date, or they are less productive, or lastly they are not worthy or even worse, they are a waste of time and money. We analyze the regular operative of Procurement and Logistic Departments of the companies we work with; we optimize their mechanisms creating indicators that allow to control better the day-by-day operation in an executive manner; we create and implement different reporting models in their Project Management Offices (PMO) that improve the way of how processes are monitored and faced. With all of these actions, we improve companies’ way of life.


Sales Representation and Commercialization of Equipment & Products

We commercialize and represent other international vendors and manufacturers related to the industry, oil&gas and energy markets, as well as in the service sector. We actually count on agreements with first European and US brands, and several alliances that allow us to offer preferencial prices to our clients.


Market Studies and Settling in New Markets

We offer market studies to our clients that allow them to determine which market or segment in the market are the most adequate for their regular operative and business strategy. Moreover, we help and support our clients to make easier their first steps at a new market or territory they want to be present as part of their strategies.



We help our clients to train their staff to improve their experience and qualifications for a better performance on the Procurements and Logistics Business.

P&L Engineering

Engineering Services

We have our own engineering department with a vast and reliable experience in all the design phases, from the conceptual design through detailed engineering. The way we work is fully coordinated with technologists and manufacturers in a manner we guarantee the complete and absolute coordination of our designs. We support our clients in many different kinds of projects such as infrastructures projects (civil, hydraulics, structures, architectural, buildings…), industrial projects (chemical plants, bioethanol plants, refineries, re-gasification plants, pumping stations, gas compression stations…) or power plants and energy projects (combined cycles, cogeneration, photovoltaics, thermosolar power plants, wind farms, electrical substations…). We may act only as an outsourcing to cover peaks of work or, in addition, we have the capabilities to manage, integrate, supervise and coordinate all the efforts that our clients need to grant the success of a correct and integrated engineering, improving time, efficiency and quality.

Application in Projects

There is such a diversity of projects where our services have been provided (*). Below, we offer a general overview where we have worked with our clients and previous projects:

(*) Procurement (P), Logistics (L), Engineering (E), Sales Representative (S)

Special Supplies, Equipment and Transportations (P+L)

Oversized equipment:

  • Turbines
  • HRSG
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Tunneling Boring Machines (TBM)
  • Wind Mills
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery (in general)
  • Engines for Naval Engineering or Power Plants
  • Railway Engines
  • Mining Machinery
  • Others

Special Equipment, Supplies and Shipping for Dangerous Materials and Substances

  • Gas
  • Fuels
  • Acids
  • Chemicals
Power Plants (E+P+L)
  • Combined Cycles
  • Simple Cycles
  • Cogenerations
  • Wind Farms
  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermosolar
  • Transmission and Distribution Lines (T&D)
  • Electrical Substations
  • Hydro Power Facilities (HP)
Infrastructures Projects (E+P+L)
  • Railroads
  • Highways and Roadways
  • Subways and Trolleys
  • Dams
  • Ports
  • Docks
  • Aqueducts
  • Channels
Construction Projects (E+P+L)
  • Buildings
  • Skyscrapers
  • Stadiums
  • Others (theaters, auditorium, etc.)
Industrial Projects (E+P+L)
  • Refineries
  • Re-Gasifications
  • Compressor Stations
  • Liquefaction Stations
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Others
Sales Representative and Commercialization of Equipment and other Products (S+L+E)
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Piping and Supports
  • Instrumentation
  • Accessories
  • Other manufactured products